The best way to contact
us is by email, but you
may call us as well. If
we do not answer, please
leave us a message and
we will contact you as
soon as possible. Thanks
for your interest! Here
is the best way to contact

Robert Partin
work: 325-260-6085
Encore Music: 232-8735
Please do not hesitate
to contact our references
to provide you with confidence in
our performance.

Eliott Hamil Funeral Home

Elmwood Memorial Park
Kim Berry   325-692-0655  
Reed V. Tate, GS-09, 
DAF Assistant Chief of
Training Dyess Fire
Protection Flight
DSN: 325-461-5219
Comm: 325-696-5219
First Central 
Larry Woltz
Wes Gomer
Choir Director at
Church of the Heavenly
Rest Episcopal

Taylor County Sheriff Dept
Chaplain Donna Kleman 676-6520

Robert Hamil at 
Hamil Family Funeral 
Home   692-2232  

Skip Parker 
Parker Funeral Home